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The Social Profiles of your writers will be obvious and clickable, getting you Humans that will engage with content on your blog and also on your social media streams. Because your authors are stars or will be very soon, Google Authorship and Camtastic Viewer Authorship are here for them with Starbox, and it's just type->click->boom! to set up. Amazingly easy. Regardless, the gameplay remains problematic. Fast-forwarding comes with its own set of concerns. You might crank the game speed up to expedite some stone gathering back at the base, for instance, but wind up losing the ability to handle combat elsewhere on the map. What seems a good pace for working in the quarry is not nearly as handy when battling packs of wolves or enemy troops, because combat accelerates out of control. Battles turn into such a blur that you can accidentally lose a whole squad or even get your lord killed in the blink of an eye. So you have to be cautious when hitting that + key. In the end, you can't speed things up as much as you would like, so you often wind up stuck on the sluggish default speed and spend more time watching animations of things like wood being chopped in forests, stone being hauled out of quarries, and bread being trotted out of the bakery than you do building your medieval empire. Peasants also amble everywhere when not being fast-forwarded. They never seem to run, even when ordered to take on urgent tasks. Zooming in on peasants at work is incredibly frustrating, because they appear to do little but sit around or aimlessly shuffle back and forth. Fractal's objectives may be simple, but mastering the game's mechanics should prove tough. You're given a board full of colored hexes that you manipulate on a grid. You move a block by clicking on the empty space near it, which spawns a new block that pushes the line forward. Forming large hexagons out of seven like-colored blocks triggers a bloom, which dissipates in a fancy flash of light that awards you points. Your goal is to meet the stage's point requirement before you run out of pushes. This may sound easy, but the game

It shows an outline of the platforms on the level, as well as objects you can interact with. Some, like cannons that fire you into the air, can be drawn in by following a specific outline, giving you access to new areas. Or you can remove obstacles like blocks by using thinner. The puzzles aren't overly taxing, but the fact that you have to stop what you're doing and peer down at the touch screen to solve them means they sometimes interfere with the smooth of flow of the platforming. There are bonuses for solving them, though, with a neat reward system giving you bonus paint, thinner, and a temporary speed boost for accurate drawing or erasing. If, however, a new look is what you seek, then the PC-exclusive skin creation tools may help you scratch that itch. There’s a succinct yet helpful tutorial document that outlines mod constraints and gives you a general overview of the production pipeline for new skins in Adobe Flash CS5.5 or above. The design templates for Juan, Tostada, and the chicken are well organized, making it easy for Flash veterans to jump in and alter the existing skins. The clearly outlined hit detection box provides a good guideline for scale and proportion, and so long as you leave the length of character animations intact, you’re free to adjust the stylings of each character's animations to your liking. Sadly, if you don’t own Adobe Flash CS5.5, there’s little you can do out of the gate other than download other people’s creations. Instead of fighting alongside your samurai comrades, you recruit and command a flock of demons. These fiends must be coaxed into your fold; there's no Pokeball-like mechanic here. The hundreds of demons in the game come with personalities all their own, and negotiating the Press Turn negotiation system can prove to be a challenge early on. Some demons continuously request goods or currency, only to flee once they've had their fill. Others join you out of fear of their own demise. A few tricks of the trade exist, such as giving in to some requests but ignoring the third or fourth, but there are times when monsters introduce battles of wit, where you must judge their sensitivity to beauty or aggression, for example. A demon's appearance can tip you off in some instances, but it's rarely a straightforward process. The inventiveness is always welcomed, but ideas aren't fully realized before a new one is introduced. Because of that quick transition and the smooth difficulty curve that comes with every new obstacle, there is rarely any genuine challenge to force you to pause and reflect. Thomas Was Alone is a puzzle platformer where you're rarely stumped. The character traits are so straightforward, and the obstacles present danger in only one way, so you almost always know exactly what you need to do to progress, and it's just a matter of rounding up the cubes and setting off. This easiness doesn't detract from the experience while you're playing, because you care about getting your friends to safety, but their victorious shouts don't resonate quite as strongly given that it took such little effort to complete these tasks. Look beyond the hitches and the jittering frame rates, and you discover a game with a scrappy attitude and a tight handle on what a massively multiplayer world needs to keep you coming back in spite of the frustrations. What is this world? Well, it's Earth, as it happens--more specifically, the San Francisco Bay Area. An alien war has ended, and an uncertain peace between exhausted factions remains. The decrepit remnants of an annihilated fleet of spaceships orbit the planet, occasionally plummeting to the land beneath, and drawing in treasure hunters eager to scour the remaining debris for valuable commodities. Terrestrial and extraterrestrial plant life have merged, causing bizarre purple flowers to grow from the gnarled branches that corkscrew above crumbling highways and rusting copied-and-pasted factories. Thankfully, Burroughs is useful in other ways, acting as the conduit


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